Monday, February 15

Weightloss Update Feb 15th

Iv been away from the blogging world for a few weeks now, running on pre-written posts. Iv fallen behind and struggled to catch up with things, letting my mental health get the better of me.
First was my mobile phone breaking, then my mini camera, so iv had no way of taking images to keep me on track or for blogging in general. Then there has been ill health in the family and stresses there. I'm not coping great with my partner constantly going away work training - every Sunday is a huge bummer.

With that my weight loss progress has stalled and Iv gained what Iv lost in the last few weeks back. 
With this I'll freely admit that I stopped listing to the slimpod. I wasn't mentally in the right place and listing to something day in day out wasn't going to help. 
Before stopping listing I noticed no difference at all with my attitude towards food. Rome wasn't built in a day after all, but it was a little down heartening to notice zero changes - if anything I thought about food more which lead to eating more of it. Quite the opposite of what its meant to do. 

So I've hit that point that I'm dragging myself out this self pity hole and as of tonight I'm going to re-start my slimpod journey. I'm always up for giving things a fair try. With my hubby on my back now to make sure I stay in track I'll have no excuses. 

New developments to my future fitness routine are getting a gym buddy. With the new Puregym now finally open near me there's no excuse not to go along to the gym. I'm really looking forward to it because I love the gym, I just hate mustering up the effort to go along to it.  

Time to take back control.

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